Top 5 Nootropics

There are many brain enhancing drugs out on the market currently. Everyone wants some form of help in this busy day an age, especially to improve different cognitive processes in the human body and mind. Here are a few I have used and what I think about them.

# 1 PRAMpramiracetamIRACETAM

This drug helps boost the brains performance. It increases the blood flow to the brain which helps enhance the glucose metabolism and the brain gets enough oxygen. This drug improves the ability to think very fast and increases ones concentration. It increases the brains energy levels.



Another good drug that has very positive effects on the brain. There is better cognitive performance. The individual taking this drug can think logically and has an improved sensory perception. It improves reflexes and mood when taking this drug.



If you are interested in a boost to your stamina and a mood changer then this is definitely the drug for you. It reduces anxiety and helps with sleep deprivation. A bonus with this drug is it increases the memory and learning capacity of the individual taking this drug. You are able to focus and concentrate better than before.



If you have experience hyperactivity before when using other drugs then I am certain you will find that this drug offers something better. Taking Adrafinil does not cause any hyperactivity. If you tend to be the one who is generally falling asleep and not getting work done this drug will benefit you as it fights sleepiness and alerts your sense of focus.




We all tend to have some form of anxiety or depression in our lives and we always looking for methods to help ease this, well I am pleased to tell you that this drug does just that. The benefit of having to think clearly and not being depressed no more, well this very drug helps improve your mood drastically and you are able to focus and have a better mood that can help you function and deal with the tasks at hand.

Nootropics are still relatively new however they are gaining traction at a rapid rate as business is becoming ever more competitive. To get ahead we can’t simply just rely on that cup of coffee in the morning anymore, we need something to give us that crystal clear mental feeling throughout the day. Alpha brain, another nootropic is newly released to the market. I have not used it personally however there is a great review on it here:

If you have used any nootropics and you would like to let us know your experiences, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.




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