Logging Tools

Logging, and the logging machinery required in the industry, is increasing in more attention, both because wood products which are in great demand and for an alternate source of heat. OEMs and timber-processing end users also need equipment which is able resist mill conditions where temperatures change, dust badly damages machinery.

What Would I Need?

A sawmill usually contains planing, molding, tenoning, and other pieces of equipment for finishing processes. The biggest sawmills are normally placed where lumber can be shipped by river or railway, and the design of a mill depends on the mode of shipment. Among necessary machines there are various types of saws, side trimming shears, woodworking machinery.

Here are the main types of saws

Saws are divided into hand-held and mechanical. Handsaws have about a dozen different types. A rip saw and a cross cut saw are common types. Mechanical saws are divided into three basic types determined by how they move the blade into the wood. There are circular blade saws, continuous bandsaws and reciprocating blade saws. A bandsaw is a powerful tool which contains a blade of a continuous band of metal with teeth on one edge to cut out various workpieces. The band rides on two wheels spinning in the same direction.


Bandsawing produces a uniform cutting action because of an evenly distributed tooth load. Bandsaws are used for woodworking and are especially invaluable for cutting out irregular shapes, but can also be deployed to produce straight cuts. The radius of a curve which can be cut on a particular saw is dependent on the width of the band and its lateral flexibility. A circular saw is a metal disk with saw teeth on the edge as well as the machine that makes the disk spin. It may be handheld or stationary. It can also be deployed to manufacture narrow slots. Nowadays circular saws are almost entirely powered by electricity. Reciprocating blade saws are commonly handheld, and are commonly deployed in woodworking to cut out shapes. These saws can be fitted with blades for wood or metal. They are more powerful than jigsaws.

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