How to Stick to a Diet in the Land of Skinny: Commit to One Weight Loss Plan and See Results

Dieting does not have to be an up and down, roller coaster ride. There are many good plans out there but the problem is that people do not know how to commit to and be consistent with one plan. There is often little contact with a professional doctor and knowing how to follow a plan can be tricky.

Trendy Diets

First, there are trendy diets which come and go like the tides. They can be anything from the grapefruit diet to the soup or liquid only diet. They can include green tea, pomegranate, and a multitude of many other “must haves.” People tend to choose these as they are what “people are talking about.” These diets are what friends mention in conversation and what TV news commercials throw out to the public at random.

Types of Diets

There can be many types of diets to follow just as there are many fads. For instance, one might be on a high fat high protein diet or a low-carb diet. A diet might follow a portion control plan or a dieter might have to count calories and weigh meals.

Here are just a few of the most popular diets trending today and where to find them:

Staying with One Plan

The key to successful dieting is not the fad or type of diet one is on. The key lies with staying with one plan long enough to see results and using exercise to boost the entire plan to its final product.

One very successful dieting plan on the market uses portion control. Everything is packaged with portions and calories in mind and already mapped out for the dieter. There is no thinking involved. But, there is exercise involved with the diet plan. Another popular diet, the green tea diet, also boosts energy and involves a significant amount of exercise. There are not many plans out there that do not involve exercise. Even the doctor will advise to exercise along with most any diet plan.

Keeping Motivated

Keeping motivated can be challenging at times. Some like to have others hold them accountable for their dieting. Others like to document everything that they are doing and eating by keeping a journal. The most practical way to keep motivated is to have a scale around for daily use. Do not buy a lot of clothing around dieting time for obvious reasons. Know that the plan will work if it is given due time. Also, be mindful of stressful times that can make a person prone to eating more (coming in the door starving, stressed and so forth). Finally, know the result will be a happier, healthier person who can fit into fashionable clothing, feel lighter and not have to worry about weight anymore.

Seeing Results

Results may take awhile to see on any diet plan. There has to be at least four months for any progress to be made. All diets should be given at least that amount of time; the best time to diet is actually during the winter months, as it takes awhile to develop that slim, sculpted figure. This is the final and desired result of a good diet plan with the intention to show itself off in the summer months.


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